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About Kieran

I first developed a passion for photography while in horticultural college and shortly after purchased a Pentax 35mm film SLR. At that time I mainly shot on Chrome film (for slide use) though I always had a second camera with some print film close to hand too. I later progressed to using the classic Nikon FM2, which is famous for its simplistic but highly effective design and I loved the FM2 so much that I resisted going digital for many years. I did join the digital revolution eventually, when I was confident that it had developed sufficiently to offer a realistic alternative to film. At that point I moved on to the Nikon D-series.

I visited different parts of Ireland each year, always with cameras and various lens units as my main travel companions. The first of these visits was to the Connor Pass on the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry and I recall with fondness my visits to Kinsale, Baltimore and the Mizzen Head Lighthouse in County Cork on that first excursion. In fact I visited all the southern peninsulas with the exception of the Sheep’s Head peninsula, which eluded me for a few more years. My travels also took him me Donegal where I discovered the magnificent cliffs at Muckross Point and Sleave Liague near Carrick in South West Donegal.

For such a relatively small nation, there is such a divers landscape from which to choose and an enviable choice of material for a clued in photographer; all over Ireland’.

I have also been fortunate enough to visit some very unusual locations, amongst them being the Azore Islands, a Portuguese archipelago in the mid Atlantic which I regard as a truly amazing oasis of scenery, that most people will never see.

I have a keen interest in nature; a trait which was observed from my earliest school days by my teachers when I won many painting competitions for my illustration of birds. I joined the then RSPB and later the IWC (now Birdwatch Ireland) while in my early teens and I am also a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and a regular visitor to the English flower shows of Chelsea and Hampton Court. Of course, whenever I'm there I never misses out on a visit to Kew Gardens.

I am also fascinated with engineering marvels and being the son of a small farmer, I have an interest in tractors and machinery.

I am also also a qualified lawyer with experience in capturing photographic evidence to assist the statutory authorities and the courts.

My artistic skills and interests aren't limited to the visual; I am also an accomplished musician, playing the Irish Harp together with the Violin, Piano Accordion and Guitar.  Visit for more information on my musical interests and services.

Kieran offers the following services:

  • Events and commercial shoots,
  • Weddings,
  • Concerts and Music: being a musician himself, he is adept at shooting and lighting concerts.
  • Portraiture
  • Prints: Selected photographs from Kieran’s travels: Prints are available on paper and other formats including Lambada, Diabond & lamination, Acrylic liquid mount.


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